Tuesday, 29 March 2016

AudeShantyMen in the limelight!

Success in the Captain Hayet Trophy!

The AudeShantyMen : one of the 8 Laureates in the 2016 edition of the Captain Hayet Trophy, named in memory of the famous French seafarer who, from 1900 onwards began noting the songs sung by sailors as they worked. The fruits of his research were published in 1927 and his book became a seminal work. 

Awarded to the AudeShantyMen for "the most inspirational interpretation of a traditional sea shanty"by the panel of distinguished judges after the three rounds of the competition, their highly sought after prize,  a ship in a bottle, (an art form in which the French have long excelled) has been hand crafted by the renowned Henri Rannou, a master of this genre.

The AudeShantyMen are the only British shanty band to have been so honoured in the history of the competition. They are immensely proud to have represented UK shanty singing at so prestigious an event with such conspicuous success.

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