Friday, 31 July 2015

AudeShantyMen add fizz to apéros in Mirepoix

AudeShantyMen whip up fan frenzy!

They just couldn't get close enough to our brave boys! One brave lady even stormed the quarter deck with her recording gear, taking Magellan and the Mutineer rather by surprise but, as you can see, nothing daunted the Crew. The large crowd of regular fans, followers and tourists outside the cafés round the square - L'Atmosphère and Les Castignolles - was thoroughly entertained. 

For the "New Hands" in the Crew it proved to be an encouraging performance. Dave (centre) and Bob got a taste of life as a shantyman. Even more so when the AudeShantyMen and their ladies retired to sample the culinary delights of the summer menu at Le Petit Bouchon - where the singing continued well into the night! A great night all round!

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