Saturday, 9 June 2012

AudeShantyMen go international !!!

Crew to sing on Costa Brava in Spain

Saturday 16th June at Restaurant El Cau in Esclanyá for one night only - a unique evening of songs of the sea from two great ocean-going nations featuring Els Mariners de la Riera and the AudeShantyMen.

For possibly the first time, two outstanding nautical traditions will be presented side by side. Catalunya's "Habaneras" and the "Sea Shanties" of the United Kingdom have a good deal in common. They tell of work aboard, voyages to distant lands, life in foreign climes and loves lost and found ...

In Britain the sea shanty is part of the national fabric. The same is true in Catalunya of the Habaneras (the name, but not the music, comes from La Havana, Cuba's great port). Indeed, the Habaneras Festival held every summer in the nearby seaside town of Calella attracts thousands of visitors and is broadcast live on national television.

"The El Cau restaurant in Esclanyá is delighted to welcome these representatives of two great choral trtaditions. This is more than just an evening of singing songs. Not until that evening will each choral group become aware of the richness and depth of the other tradition. To join in the fun, book a table and tell your friends. You'll all enjoy it! "

Three course menu at €20.00 or à la carte. To reserve your table for this exceptional evening phone Tere on +972 30 51 56 or 661 357 475 

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