Friday, 24 February 2012

Bringing you up to speed !

Since we sang at "Le Rendezvous" at the end of January things have been fairly quiet for the AudeShantyMen. Magellan was the first to succomb to the virulent bug doing the rounds - and subsequently passed it to Greybeard, Pirate Pete, Gangplank and Powder Monkey. He wasn't popular I can tell you! Only Albatross escaped unscathed : as usual he was in balmy foreign climes, lucky so-and-so!
Anyway, the coughing and spluttering are subsiding and our voices are slowly coming back to something like their best. We plan to re-start our rehearsals in a few days' time. It hasn't helped our cause that all but one member of the Crew have spent time in the UK in the past weeks, so we are looking forward to being re-united.
We did manage to fit in an interview with the charming Rupert, who has an input into a radio show broadcast weekly from Carcassonne. He much enjoyed our songs and recorded several. So far we haven't heard ourselves over the airwaves but we are due a studio session with him in the not too distant future.
We are also slowly putting together a demo disc to send out to potential new venues. Talking of which we very much hope to be singing in both the Minervois and the Corbieres in the weeks ahead. Our objective this summer is to sing down on the coast at some of the beautiful ports on the Med. Anyone with contacts, do let us know.
I'll be posting details of our next performance just as soon as details are finalised - so keep a sharp lookout!

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